• The rocket of new ranges is a perfect tool for feeding in a long distance places.
    A feeding revolution by Lukáš Krása
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  • The aim our developing team was focusing on is to deliver a feeding tool being worked out into a smaller details.

A revolutionary product comes into a fishing world - Crash Ball Patented magnet system.

Detailed description - Crash Ball


Rocket´s parameters: 20 x 8 cm, 75 g weight, capacity 0,25 l
Ball´s parameters: 15 x 15 cm, 65 g weight, capacity 0,25 l

Patented opening system

A Sophisticated magnet system ensures the rocket is being open right after hits the water surface with an immediate unloading of feeding.

Reduced resistance while pulling out of the water

Once the rocket hits the water Surface pull out immediately. Do not wait until the feeding is empty – Feeding has been spread out by hitting of the water surface in a second! While pulling out the rocket is being closed so it slides smoothly on the water surface or it stays open and you can pull out with even smaller resistance. Much easier effect against the other rockets on the market! No more turning over, tangling or twisting the line.

Filling up easy

Thanks to patented magnet system you are able to take up your feeding into the rocket as an excavator and close it without any problems. Maximum tightness of the rocket´s jaws ensures your bait is delivered to your “place” in a 100% condition. The rocket´s capacity is 0,25 l.


Crash ball is a rocket developed for feeding your place in a distance of 70m and even further. A rocket shaped body and a better balancing helps to get your bait much further than using the other feeding tools and what´s more? Much accurately. No more tangling and opening the rocket while casting. The magnet system allows you to “strike” the rocket spire slightly without having a bait unloaded on a bank like you can recognize while using the other tools.

Bait varieties

You can use any bait to fill the rocket up and do not have to be afraid the rocket would open or it would not open at all. There is not a system inside of the rocket that would cause such troubles. Basically fill up the rocket with a boilie, seeds, method mix or pellets and easily add a booster or a liquid nutrient or an essence. The rocket is sealed up and enables to deliver even the attractive liquids.

LK Baits Crash Ball New 2016 - video instructions


A revolutionary product comes into the fishing world. The LK baits company together with an Italian team has developed a feeding rocket of new ranges which is the best option to feed the fish in a long distance.

The aim our developing team was focusing on is to deliver a feeding tool being worked out into the smallest details. Handy tool is arriving right now!

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